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My Teaching Background

Since completing my instrumental degree through the Brighton Institute of Modern Music in 2010, I have taught the drum kit to students of all ages and abilities every week, ranging from 5 year olds having their first interaction with music, all the way to pensioners taking up a new hobby!

It is vital when learning a new instrument for students to both feel excited to learn as well as grasping the fundamentals skills required. All of my lessons balance key concepts such as reading music and rudimental discipline with the thing which everybody wants to do: playing on the drum kit and having fun learning their favourite beats and songs! 

As a qualified teacher, I understand the developmental needs of younger learners, and pride myself in my use of skills based games and age appropriate activities for the youngest pupils to start their learning, as well as encouraging children who I teach to develop good habits for all walks of life, such as mental resilience and managing their routines to effectively practise. 

I teach online drum lessons from my home to both new and my current drum kit students, including all ages, abilities and locations. Lessons are available through whichever video conferencing platform which you prefer, and you don't have to have a drum kit at home to get started. As long as you have a pair of sticks and a love of music - we can get started!


Because of the flexibility of online teaching, I always have one or two spots available for brand new students so get in touch by phoning 07917 341 515 or email at:


Private Drum kit lessons are currently available from my purpose built drum-studio in Little Stanion, just outside of Corby and I am also available for visiting lessons at students' own homes where they have a drum kit already set up. 

To find out more or book your first session, 

by phoning 07917 341 515 or email at:

Online Lessons

Private Lessons

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