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Testimonials from parents and students

Sarah (parent)

I would highly recommend David as a teacher. He is encouraging, enthusiastic and patient, and Jack always looks forward to his lessons! 

Jesse (parent)

David is a patient and inspiring teacher who has a teaching background which I think helps immensely with his understanding and approach. He is a highly accomplished drummer and current band member so is able to relate and explain to his students in a very human and real way.

Amanda (parent)

I cannot recommend David enough! Both my boys have been taught by him from an early age and they not only learn drumming skills but general musicianship as well. Both boys have passed all of their exams with distinction and I am really pleased with their progress in such a short amount of time. 

Jake (student)

I look forward to my drum lessons, I have learned so much. Sometimes it is just me playing the drums, or I play along to a backing track from my Rockschool grade book. 

Kealan (student) 

My lessons are fun and i've learnt how to be a great drummer!

Connor (student) 

The moment I first asked him to teach me to play drums, he was on it straight away and taught me the best way he could. He is also really likeable and doesn't ever get angry!

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